Kent County Show 2016


A stylish design with well chosen plant material and evocative colouring. Perhaps a lower placement or taking a little more plant material towards the base could have improved unity.


Rain Forest

Iris Shaw. A most striking design with a strong feeling of the rain forest which has been very well staged. The perspex though giving the impression of a waterfall is very shiny and eye-catching.


Anne Davies. A most innovative design, which clearly crates interest and a point of conversation. The impact of the plant material is somewhat lost by the dominance of the drainpipes and heavy metal base.


Party Time

Janet Williams. This is a delightful well staged and well executed design. Many congratulations.


Ann Hammond. A vibrant and exciting design with superb colour harmony to depict 'Party Time'. The forward most pieces of fern create a curving line and detract from the design.


Razzle Dazzle


Iris Shaw. Good spatial awareness and rhythm in the design. The diagonal strand of tinsel tends to split the design in two.


Jean Schofield. Components have been well used with good depth and recession created. The angle of the Liatris together with the twig takes the eye out of the design and creates imbalance.




Iris Shaw. Congratulations. A superb design. Great interpretation.